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My first camera was a Barbie Polaroid covered in flower stickers. But before I became a photographer, I was an artist. I studied for 6 years to receive my Masters degree in Art History with a focus in Photography. My expertise in the arts and my creative knowledge give me an artistic eye that makes me unlike any other photographer. And my wanderlust makes me your perfect elopement companion!

She craves adventure

I'm a traveler and daydreamer. I visit historical sites and museums by day, and gaze at the stars by night. One of my favorite memories from my travels was standing underneath the Eiffel Tower one night while everyone was clamoring to get to the top. Recently, I climbed icy stairs to the top of Skógafoss in the middle of Icelandic winter, and listened to the waterfall and watched the birds fly below my feet. My passport and I are always ready to hop on a plane, and I love traveling both within the USA and abroad. I've traveled to 5 countries so far: Spain, Italy, France, Ireland, and Iceland!

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28 weddings photographed
(and counting)

5 countries traveled to so far

∞ times I've climbed furniture to get the shot

1 flight booked for this year

18 books on my to-read list

she walks in starlight in another world

Do you think she could have loved me?

This is me, perpetually quoting romantic heart-wrenching quotes from my favorite books and movies.

I LOVE fantasy, magic, and fairytales! Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit are some of my favorite films, and I even have a prop replica of the Evenstar. There is always a comic-book, novel, and cup of tea on my nightstand. One day my home will have its own Beauty & the Beast-sized library of books and movies! And its own museum of curiosities... Weird and geeky is my jam!

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